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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Step Sister

 photo DSC_0332copy_zpsc9dcbe59.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps94a17300.jpg  photo DSC_0360_zps5a9aeefc.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps7bc28fb2.jpg  photo DSC_0358copy_zps3e327780.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zpsae4953bd.jpg  photo DSC_0432_zps20a445f1.jpg  photo DSC_0381_zps1b0edd2c.jpg  photo DSC_0326copy_zps48c17d85.jpg  photo DSC_0378-1_zps5bc969ef.jpg

Top: Vegan Pocket Tee by Lily Black via Riley & Coco. 
Jeans: Prairie Underground via Riley and Coco
Bra: Nasty Gal
Shoes: Nasty Gal
Cuffs: Lapis Lazuli and and Chrysocolla stones, gorgeous pieces from Riley & Coco.  Check it here.
Rings: Jenna's jewelry box.

End of an era! All good things come in fours, and alas, this concludes the Daily Threads x Riley & Coco collab. In keeping with my hippie nature (you laugh, but I lived in a co-op in college, complete with mushroom murals), we went out with this luxurious Supima cotton vegan pocket tee by Lily Black, the new line by Scandinavian duo Viktoria Pavelka and Jenny Araskog-Gent. Read their write up in Elle, and keep an eye out for these ladies! This Nasty Gal bra (for the dominatrix in all of us), is the same one I wore in the last post. You might think such an eye catcher wouldn't be versatile... tisk tisk. May Betty Paige swat your behind. And the jeans are the same ones I wore here, but in black. Pretty much the most comfortable high waisted jeans in creation, and LA made to boot.  Perfect for us fashion loving tree huggers who want to strut our best Elle MacPherson down the gluten-free aisle without suffering abdominal asphyxiation.  Speaking of breaking hearts and taking no prisoners, these shoes... these shoes...

So, to converge themes: Psychedelic + Up and Coming + Wrenching Heartbreak = Kevin Parker, this band, these videos, Kevin Parker not being my boyfriend, and Kevin Parker recording all these songs himself... playing every instrument himself... and writing the songs... himself... and being shy, awkward, lonely, and pained. He also plays barefoot. Try not to lose your shit:

A final thank you to Jenna and Jessica of Riley & Coco for reaching out to do this project together!  Check them out for an extremely hip curation of LA-Made design.  Sisters know what's up.


  1. I love the way your bra looks! lol...that sounds really weird. But it looks really cute peeking out from your t shirt. Your shoes are fab too :)

    xo Azu

  2. Amazin shoot! Great photos, great outfit! xx

  3. Love your look! And that nasty gal bra is just fantastic!!
    Lots of love,


  4. AMAZING PUMPSSSSS! They look so alexander-wang-ish! Nice buy! Btw, would you like to follow each other? Let me know! Cheers xx

  5. Amazing outfit! Loving those heels and that bra
    Also loving that Tame Impala Elephant song since I heard it on the Blackberry ad!
    Thanks for your comment, I'm already a follower of your blog :)

    Have a great week x

  6. I love the heels on your shoes! Took me a while, I had to do a double take :) They're so cool! And the same goes for those chunky bracelets...